Corporate affiliation with Bermack, Champion & Lewine

One Point Brokerage, LLC (“OPB”) is affiliated with Bermack, Champion & Lewine (“BCL”). This is a common arrangement in the industry and is a benefit to both firms. The affiliation allows OPB and BCL to leverage their respective expertise while taking advantage of the economies of scale created by spreading the shared costs and expenses of operating an insurance brokerage firm. OPB client data, and other related information and materials utilized by OPB is the sole property of OPB.

This affiliation allows OPB to focus exclusively on designing and placing client’s insurance programs while allowing OPB the flexibility to offer a suite of insurance related services. This affiliation allows for an expanded scope of product offerings such as personal lines insurance products and financial planning services.

BCL performs the following services for OPB:

  • Client Accounting, including reconciliation of client premium payment to carriers
  • Claims reporting
  • Personal lines placement and service
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Other ancillary client related support services

Client data and privacy is of the utmost importance and in the rare instance in which OPB and BCL are vying for the same client, the firms will come to an agreement that best serves the client’s interest.

About Bermack, Champion & Lewine

Bermack, Champion & Lewine was founded in 1962. BCL’s mission is to offer comprehensive commercial and personal lines insurance coverage at an affordable price. BCL’s goal to protect the home, business, and other personal assets of their client’s. BCL’s clients, some of whom have been with them since their inception, are a testimony to their undivided commitment to provide clients the full range of insurance related